Why am I not receiving Birthday Reminders?

You might not receive Birthday Reminders for any of the following reasons:

1. The birthdays of your contacts are not set. You can easily set the birthdays by going to your Address Book, clicking on the “Edit” link of your contact, and updating the “Date of Birth” field. Please note that if your contact is already registered in 123Greetings Connect, you will not be able to edit his/ her Date of Birth.

2. In the "Birthday Reminder Settings" box, if you have selected “No” for “Send me an email reminder for my contact’s birthday”.

3. Owing to various online filter settings Birthday Reminder emails might go to your bulk/ spam mail folder. A simple way to address this situation is to add “ecards@123greetings.com” to your Address Book or list of contacts.

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Last updated: 25 Feb, 2017
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