How do I unsubscribe?

Each 123Greetings mailing will contain information at the bottom of the email on how to unsubscribe from the list. It is usually a link with your email address already marked so that you get unsubscribed from the correct email address. Simply click on the link to unsubscribe yourself.

If you do not have the email handy, you can type in your email address in the unsubscribe form found on the Newsletter Unsubscribe Page.

Click here to go to the unsubscribe page now.

Please unsubscribe from the list if you no longer want to receive it, rather than making them as ‘unsafe’ or ‘spam’. If you mark them as spam it may impact  other users from not getting access to these newsletter.

Please make sure you unsubscribe yourself with the correct email address.

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Last updated: 29 Aug, 2018
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