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document What is 123Greetings Connect?
123Greetings Connect is a service which will improve your card sending experience here at It comes with the following features: 1. Get birthday reminders/ anniversary reminders  in advance; 2. Get reminded of upcoming events and holidays; 3. Import, store and access...
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document How do I Delete or Deactivate my Account from
To delete your 123Greetings Connect Account you must be a verified registered user. In order to delete your account you must login with the registered email address and password. After login to your account on the top right corner you will find your profile. On hover or click you will find the...
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document Why don't my contacts show immediately after I have added them?
Depending on your system and internet speed there might be a slight delay in refreshing the My Contacts section. Feel free to refresh your browser to see the changes you have made.
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document Which special characters are allowed in my Profile Name?
Profile Name field will not accept any special characters other than  dot(.), underscore(_) and hyphen(-).
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document Whom should I contact if I face a problem with 123Greetings Connect? has designed its systems to ensure that users get their queries answered through our FAQ section. It has a wealth of information, and you should be able to find a solution to your problem with very little effort. If you don’t find an answer to your question in the FAQ...
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document I haven't received any email to verify my account. What should I do?
In case you do not receive the email please check your Bulk/ Spam mail folder. It is possible that owing to various online filter settings this mail might go to your Bulk/ Spam mail folder. A simple way to address this situation is to add "" to your Address Book or list...
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document Why do I need to enter Date of Birth during sign up?
We ask for your Date of Birth so that your friends can get alerts and send you warm wishes on your birthday. Please note that we don’t share your private information with others as per our Privacy Policy. Also as per COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) you need to be over 13...
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document How do I invite someone to join me on 123Greetings Connect?
You simply have to add a contact to your Address Book, and we will send an invitation to your contact to join you on 123Greetings Connect,  if you select the option “Invite contacts to update their birthday”. To find out how to add contacts, click here.
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document If I send an ecard to someone will that ecard and its message get shared amongst my friends?
At 123Greetings, we take user privacy seriously. Every receiver gets a separate ecard number and a separate email. Hence, for the receivers, each card is personal and your personal message will not be shared amongst your friends. However, your friends can see which ecard you have sent without...
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document How do the Track, Edit, and Delete features work?
Through the advanced tracking system of 123Greetings Connect you can see the exact status of the ecards that you have sent in the last 30 days. You also have the ability to edit or delete ecards that are yet to be viewed by the recipients. To track an ecard that you have sent in last 30 days,...
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document How can I upload image/ photo for my Profile?
You can upload your image by following these instructions: - Login to 123Greetings Connect. - Go to Settings tab and click on “Change image” link present below the profile image box. - Click on “Browse” button and select the image you want to be displayed and click on “Upload”...
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document When/ Why should I use a secondary email address?
You may opt for adding secondary email address to your 123Greetings Connect account for following reasons: • If you have changed your existing email address. • If you wish to use a different email address than the one you are currently using.
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document How do I link a secondary email address to my 123Greetings Connect account?
You can link a secondary email address to your 123Greetings Connect account by following these instructions: - Login to 123Greetings Connect. - Open the account dropdown menu at the top right corner and choose “Account Settings”. - Make sure your account is verified with our system,...
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document How do I remove the secondary email address from my 123Greetings Connect account?
If you wish to remove the secondary email address from your 123Greetings Connect account, you can do so by following these instructions: - Login to 123Greetings Connect. - Open the account dropdown menu at the top right corner and choose “Account Settings”. - Select the secondary...
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document How do I request someone to update their Birthdays/Anniversary to my contact list?
- Login to 123Greetings Connect. - Click on “My Reminder” Page tab and click on the “Add Reminders” link. - Go to “Request Birthdays/Anniversary by Email” block and follow the instructions mentioned as shown in the below screen shot.
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document How can I schedule Birthday/Anniversary cards automatically?
You may follow below instructions to setup auto send function. - Login to 123Greetings Connect. - Go to “My Reminders” menu, - From "Schedule Birthday/ Anniversary Cards Automatically" block, select the check box for "Send cards on my behalf to my friends on their birthday". A popup with...
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