How is new Address Book different from the existing Address Book. Are there 2 versions?

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Last updated: 15 Oct, 2012

Yes, there are 2 versions of the Address Book, and both are FREE. The simple version doesn't require registration and has limited features, whereas the full version requires registration and has more features. You can switch from the simple version to the full version at any time.

A. Simple Version : This version of our Address Book will automatically store the name and email address of the receiver whenever an ecard is sent by you from This does not require you to register on our website and has a limit of only 30 email addresses.

B. Full Version : This version comes with the following additional features:
a. All your contact information is stored in our servers and not in system cookies. Hence it is safe, secure and
    won’t get deleted every time you run a system cleaning software or clean up your cookies.
b. You may store unlimited number of contacts.
c. Your identity is protected which prevents spammers from using your email address. (Coming soon)
d. You can import contacts from other websites.
e. You may keep track of your contact’s birthdays so that you never miss one.

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Article ID: 86
Last updated: 15 Oct, 2012
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