What emails will I receive if I subscribe?

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Last updated: 29 Aug, 2018

Editor Bob is the Editor of the weekly 123Greetings Newsletter. He writes about his misadventures with friends and colleagues, focusing on human relationships, emotions, and expressions. From time to time, Editor Bob sends you special offers and advertising promotions.

Most of the time you will receive, one weekly newsletters from 123Greetings as well as one weekly special offer from 123greetings.com.

To ensure that these are delivered to you without any problems:

1. Add the email address of the newsletter as an entry in the address book of your email software. 

2. Some email softwares have a 'white list' setting - this is where you can tell the software the email addresses or domain names that you are happy to receive email from.

For 123Greetings, you need to add the following email addresses to the address book / white list:

1. ecards@123greetings.com
2. reminders@123greetings.com
3. newsletter@123g.info
4. newsletter@123greetings.info
5. specials@123g.biz
6. specials@123greetings.biz

If you haven't received the email newsletter for a longer period than expected, we'd like to know about it. Please fill out the contact form and we will help you as soon as possible.

Click here to go to the contact form now.

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Article ID: 41
Last updated: 29 Aug, 2018
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