What is quick send? How do I send an ecard using this feature?

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Last updated: 15 Oct, 2012

Quick send is a new feature which allows you to send an ecard fast & easy.

On the 123greetings.com website, you can now see a small "preview" icon on the bottom right or next to most of the images, which can be clicked to get a quick preview of the ecard, right there on the same page.

The Quick send feature is added as an option on this new preview interface.

Simply fill out the details of the person you're sending the ecard to, your details & the message. The ecard is delivered instantly and you'll be notified when the receiver views the ecard as well.

The Quick send feature cannot be used to send cards scheduled for a later date delivery.

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Article ID: 73
Last updated: 15 Oct, 2012
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