What is a co-host? How do I add a co-host for my event?

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Last updated: 16 Oct, 2012
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Co-Host is a person who can jointly organize the event with you.

Host can select a contact to be the Co-Host by clicking on the “Make Co-Host” link beside each invitee. “Make Co-Host” link will be displayed only against the invitees who are already registered with 123Greetings Invites as shown below

As soon as Host selects a Co-Host, an email notification will be sent to Co-Host letting them know that they are selected as Co-Host for the mentioned Event.

A Co-Host can add/ delete invitees, edit/ update the event but cannot cancel the event, add/ remove other Co-Hosts.

Only Host can remove some one as Co-Host by clicking on “Remove Co-Host” link beside the invitee as shown above. Please note that even if you remove some one as Co-Host, he will still remain in the guest list as invitee.

Co-Host can follow the same procedure as the Host to add/ delete invitees, edit/update event.

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