Why am I having problems viewing the ecard?

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Last updated: 12 Dec, 2014
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Viewing an ecard from our website is very simple; once you enter the 20 digit card number in the "Search Box" at the top right hand side  of our website or click on the card link in the email notification that you have received, you should be able to see your card or an appropriate error message regarding your ecard.

If you are unable to view the card you have received, and are not able to see the error, the possible reasons are:-

Browser Support:
 Make sure you have an up-to-date version of your browser. Also ensure that you have Javascript/ cookies enabled in your browser settings in order for the website to work properly. Please follow few simple steps to enable JAVA SCRIPT in your browser.

If you are using Mozilla Firefox:

1. Click on tools menu right at the top of the browser.

2. Select and click "Options". And under “Contents” tab you should find the text "Enable JavaScript" and a check box beside the text. Please tick it.

You are done!!!

Also ensure that your flash plugin is always activated.
You can check this by following the below instructions.
Go to Tool>> Add-ons.

Select Plugin tab, look for Shockwave Flash , select the option “Always Activate” and refresh the webpage.

If you are using Internet Explorer:

1. Click on tools menu right at the top of the browser.

2. Select and click "Internet Options". A pop up window will open up where you should find a tab called "Security". Please click on the button “Custom Level”.

3. On clicking "Custom Level" a pop up window should open up. Please scroll down to find an option called "Scripting"and under scripting you will find 2 sub options which are as follows:-

   a) Active scripting. (Please check the option "Enable")

   b) Scripting of Java applets. (Please check the option "Enable")

Software Requirements: To view a flash card you should have flash player in your computer. You can download free versions of flash player by clicking on the following link.


Download Speed: Most of our cards works with all download speeds, even a dial-up. Some heavy flash or video cards may require faster download speeds for a better user experience.

If you are a MAC user:

By default the flash player is not installed in the MAC OS, be it on Desktop or Macbook.  Since flash player is required to view our flash ecards, you need to have flash player installed in your system.

You can check if the flash player is installed in your system or not by following these instructions:

Click on the "System Preferences" from the Apple icon present in the top left corner of the screen or from the navigation panel present in the bottom of the screen.

If Flash player is installed, you can see a Flash player icon placed in "Other" tab of the "System Preferences" as shown in the screen shot below.

However, if the Flash player is not installed in your system, you can download the same from following link:


Note: If the problem still persists please send us the screen shot of the page that you are viewing, enabling us investigate on the same.

If you are using any IOS device:

Since most of the IOS devices (Ipad/ Iphone) do not support flash components, you may be able to see only static image of the ecard on your IOS devices.

However,  we are currently working on making this feature fully compatible on all IOS devices.

If you are using Android device:

Since most of our ecards are flash oriented, you need to have flash player installed in your Android device. If you do not have flash player installed in your device, you can download the same from Google Play store.

Please click on the following link once you login to Google Play store to install flash player.


Note: Please be informed that beyond Android 4x version mobiles, flash player will not work.

To take screen shot in windows OS: Press the 'Print Screen' button on your keyboard, then save it in MS Word/ MS Paint program. Finally send the document to us as attachment.

To take screen shot in MAC OS: Screenshots can be taken by using the Grab application included with Mac OS X. It is located at /Applications/ Utilities/ Grab.

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